Sports Is Good For More than Exercise and Early Childhood Involvement Often Leads to a Lifetime Passion

Toddler Baseball

Fresh cut grass, spring sunshine that feels good on the skin and warms the soul, hotdogs, and home-runs. Those are the small things that make baseball season the best part of the year but the list goes on and on and the reasons become much more meaningful when you get into the statistics about group sports and teenage kids. It is never too early to begin getting your child interested in sports as long as it is done with the idea of having fun and not just drilling skills at first. By next spring you could be watching your little one run gleefully around the baseball diamond with friends that may last a lifetime. Lil Slugger's offers toddler baseball in Minneapolis so your child can get started in baseball classes as soon as you are ready for them to play.

Teen Sport Statistics
  • Dr. Keith M. Drake found in a study published in the Journal of Pediatrics that participating in just one sport per season reduces childhood obesity rates by 26%. Sports activity does not have to be all consuming, just one sport has a beneficial impact.

  • Female high school athletes are 92% less likely to get involved with drugs, 80% less likely to get pregnant, and three times as likely to graduate than their non athletic counterparts according to a poll done by the Women's Sports Foundation.

  • According to the US Department of Health And Human Services participating in a sports decreases the occurrence of anti-social behavior and suicidal thoughts and actions in both males and females.

Starting Early Gives Kids an Edge

    • Learning sports skill in a fun environment early on makes in second nature and as kids grow they are comfortable with the sport, and that awkward moment of learning in front of experienced peers happens so early that it is not a negative experience.
  • Early muscle memory is another reason that developing early sports skills gives kids an edge. Like learning to walk, learning certain skills like catching and throwing early will stay with the kids as they grow.

  • Early on kids learn that sport are a go-to boredom buster. They will turn to throwing a ball around or going to the batting cages later when they are in search of something to pass the time.

  • Sports in general and baseball in particular improve hand eye coordination skills, and the brains ability to focus for a length of time. These skill improve a students ability to study longer, and talent in the arts.

Toddler Baseball Training

The key to making sports programs work for kids is insuring that they have a positive experience. Never should a kid get berated for a missed catch, instead they should receive a lot of positive reinforcement when they do well. A team should be like a family for the season and often the bonds formed while playing ball last through out a life time.

Lil Slugger's Baseball Classes in Twin Cities is a fun way to introduce the sport to kids ages 2-5. We have small class sizes, and work one on one with each child. We offer a free trial class to show what goes on and prove that you and your child will enjoy the experience. Toddler baseball is a great way to bond with your child and help him or her develop the confidence skills they need to play in real games sooner than you may think. Start the fun with a free trial class!

Fun all Year Round for Twin City Kids

We have indoor winter classes and outdoor summer classes so the weather does not stop the fun and learning. Inactivity and cabin fever is an problem during the Minnesota winters, we do our best to give young children a way to burn their energy and develop new skills even when getting out is hard due to the weather. After a winter of practice, the spring games will be a thrill to watch!

    Start your toddler's life-long passion of baseball today with a Free Trial Class!