Start a Lifetime Love of Baseball With Summer Baseball Classes at Lil Sluggers

Take advantage of the nice weather and take your kids out to the ball park, St Luis Park that is. Multiple Baseball classes St Louis Park start on June 16 and the summer session lasts until August 24. Start your little sluggers early with while there is no pressure put on them to win, they will learn valuable skills while playing and having fun with peers their own age. Click to view the schedule of classes.

Toddler Baseball Classes

Summer Baseball classes are filling up!

Classes are filling up fast this season, so come in this week. We have preschool baseball and toddler baseball Minneapolis so the whole family can join the fun this summer. We offer a 10% discount for siblings who sign up at the same time.

Toddler Baseball classes focus on the most basic of the skills such as running in the right direction after hitting the ball, throwing overhand, and playing as a team. Your child will get group and one on one coaching on the basics that will help him or her be more confident when they move on to the next level. The environment is fun and caring and young kids can learn to love the game before they have to worry about winning or losing.

Preschool Baseball classes continue to practice the basics learned in the toddler classes (don't worry if your preschooler did not take toddler classes we will teach from the start at any age). At all age levels we make sure that your child is having fun while learning the basics of how to play on a baseball team. By the end of the season you may be surprised at your little slugger's skill level. During this stage we really work with them to hone the skills they learned in the younger class.

Summer Exercise 

Summer baseball classes are a great way to keep your children physically fit and socialized through the warm months. They will make memories and establish the fundamentals of a sport they will likely play again at a more competitive level. When they do move on to the more competitive leagues, they will thank you for the early training in a fun environment.

The schedule for baseball class St Louis Park is Wednesdays through Sundays through midsummer. Each session lasts between 45-50 minutes so no one gets tired or bored. The sessions are jam packed with activity and made to keep the full attention of young children for as long as they can give it. Pick which day and time slot is most convenient for you and your family and sit back and watch while your child becomes a baseball pro. Each child will receive his/her own Lil Sluggers t-shirt to make them feel like real team mates, and to remember their time playing baseball all summer.

Different classes for ages and skill levels 

If you are not sure of your child's skill level, do not worry. We will place each child according to their skill or age depending on what the parents are comfortable with. We believe that a child will build more confidence and skill through training that is fun and interactive as opposed to training that makes them feel too competitive or like their short comings while learning are actual failures. A great foundation playing toddler baseball Minneapolis will lead to a more confident player later.

Don't delay, sign up now

Make this summer memorable for your child with toddler and preschool baseball classes that fit your schedule. They will have so much fun they will not even realize they are learning a new skill, and burning some of that extra child energy! 

Contact Lil Sluggers today and ask about a free trial class to see what you think of our program.