The season to be outdoors in Minneapolis has arrived. Toddler Baseball

The weather is stunning, and the kids have a ton of energy. To enjoy the weather, and help your little one improve their hand-eye coordination through play, consider joining our weekly toddler baseball classes in the park. Learning a sport in a fun laid-back environment is a great way to prepare your child for school.


Summer baseball classes are available right now at Lil Slugger Baseball in St. Louis Park. Aside from all the perks of preschool baseball, such as socialization and physical fitness, preschoolers get the added benefit of improved hand-eye coordination through learning baseball skills in a fun weekly class.

According to Psychology Today, people with better hand-coordination have overall better cognitive and social skills. Involving your child in a sport that helps them practice and improve coordination skills will make other aspects of their life a bit easier.



Benefits of Hand-Eye Coordination Practice Before Kindergarten

  • Improved ability to hold a crayon or pencil, and control the tool to do what is needed. Playing ball and grasping it correctly while planing a throw is a fun way to practice training the brain to use the hands and mental skills at the same time. Playing with clay or play dough will also increase these skills for both baseball and school.
  • Improved ability to focus on more than one thing at once. Throwing a ball is not just physical, a child has to plan (often subconsciously through practice) how much force to put in each toss, where to aim to keep the ball from going to high or low and when to release. All these things are eventually intuitive, and are taken for granted, however it does take skill to throw a ball correctly and developing this skill trains the brain to focus in other areas as well.
  • Baseball practice in general prepares preschoolers to listen as a group, get along with peers, and perform independently when needed. The lessons learned in baseball about focus and being part of a team will help a child adjust to the first year of school brilliantly.

To fill part of a summer day with fun check out our summer baseball class at St Louis Park, your child will develop more than friendship out in the field. We offer preschool and toddler baseball in Minneapolis and the surrounding areas with small classes where your child can make friends, learn to play a team sport and all the basics of baseball. Do not worry if your child does not have any experience, he/she will fit right in one of our classes for beginners. We strive to keep the classes fast paced and fun so the children do not get restless. We have openings morning through evening so you can pick a time that works best for your family. 


Your child will receive a Lil Slugger t-shirt and be placed in a group according to your preference and their skill level. We offer a 10% discount for siblings who sign up for the same time slot. You can enjoy the beautiful summer weather, smell fresh cut grass and watch your child make friends and develop skills that will be useful both on and off the field. Classes fill up fast, so do not wait until it is too late.

If you are looking for summer baseball classes, contact Lil Sluggers today and ask about a free trial class to see how much fun your child can have with our preschool baseball class in St. Louis Park.