It has been a rough Minnesota winter and just about every child and parent is ready for spring so that the children can run outside! Wouldn’t it be great if they could run off all of that pent up energy while learning important skills as well? Lil Sluggers is very proud to offer just what every parent has been looking for! Lil Sluggers’ toddler baseball classes offer a supportive environment in which your children can learn all of the skills they will need to be a baseball professional! Every parent wants the very best for their children and the best way to make them the best baseball player possible is to start teaching them about the sport at a young age. Lil Sluggers’ toddler baseball classes use age appropriate language and skill to teach your child the basics of the game of baseball. Your child’s stronger understanding of the game will naturally foster a greater interest in it which will provide you with more ways to bond with your child! With three locations throughout the western Minneapolis metro area, Lil Sluggers promises a safe environment in which your child can learn all about the game of baseball. Lil Sluggers has a strong grasp of how to reach children of varying developmental stages. Age appropriate equipment is always used to ensure a safe learning environment for all of the children involved. Through our experience we have also developed a variety of age appropriate games in order to ensure your child’s best possible understanding. As the premiere company for toddler baseball classes in Minnesota, we know that your child will have the time of their life in our classes. While learning the game of baseball itself provides a wonderful opportunity for your child, there are many skills which we focus on in these classes that can be extrapolated to all areas of your child’s life. We stress the importance of working with the other children as a team. Being in this class will also improve your child’s listening skills as they will learn to take direction from adults other than their parents. We understand that turn taking can be a very difficult concept for some toddlers to understand, but we work with each individual child so that they can understand the importance of taking turns with their peers. As a product of these two skills, the children learn how to work together towards a common goal which teaches them important team building skills. These skills come as a bonus to the wonderful amounts of physical activity that your child will participate in during class. Your child will be tired by the end of these classes and they will be begging you to return next week. Exercise is not only important now in your child’s life but getting them in the habit of regular physical activity will build important skills for the rest of their lives. Teaching your child about the importance of physical activity now will help prevent them from becoming a couch potato in the future. Our indoor locations throughout the Minneapolis area allow us to offer toddler baseball programs year round. So even when the snow is flying and the temperature is 30 degrees below 0, we will provide your child with a safe environment for physical activity. All of this is offered under the watchful and knowledgeable eye of Coach Parker. By providing individual attention to your child, Coach Parker is able to adjust activities as needed to ensure that each child is having fun and learning all that they need to know. Coach Parker understands the importance of enthusiasm and energy when working with toddlers and never lets his energy level waiver! Lil Sluggers provides safe, educational and fun toddler baseball classes in three locations in the Minneapolis area: Bloomington, Hopkins and Rosemount. We will teach your toddler important life skills through the education of the game of baseball! Free trial classes are available now! Contact us to sign your toddler up for the time of his or her life!