Toddler Baseball Classes

This long, hard winter is finally coming to a close and with a long awaited spring comes a lot of outdoor fun to be had by all.  Parents of toddlers in the Minneapolis area are excited of the prospect of their children finally being able to run off all of that energy outside.  What better way to burn that energy than with a round of toddler baseball!


Baseball is a favorite American pastime that teaches children important skills that they can use on and off the field from now until the end of time.  Toddler baseball classes are a great tool to teach your young child skills such as listening, teamwork and taking direction.  It also will help with the social development of your child as they will be bonding with other children while learning these life lessons. 


Better yet, children do not even realize they are learning while taking toddler baseball classes… they think they are just having fun playing one of the greatest games ever made!  Toddler baseball is fun for the children but enjoyable for the parents as well as they get the chance to see their children have fun learning a sport that the parents enjoy as well.  Through toddler baseball classes, baseball can become a shared interest between parent and child.  Would you not love the chance to be able to enjoy a Twins game with your young son or daughter and have them actually understand the game? 


When children learn the game, they get excited about it.  This excitement and interest can evolve into precious bonding time between you and your child.  Toddler baseball classes is how this excitement is cultivated and learned.


Some parents, when considering toddler baseball classes, for their child fear that their child does not have the attention span to support a game of baseball or the capacities to understand the intricacies of the game.  These reasons, however, are exactly why you should chose Lil Sluggers for all of your toddler baseball needs in the Minneapolis area. 


Coach Parker has used his many years of experience and extensive knowledge of the game to develop very specific curriculums for each age group.  He adjusts each class to the skill level (attention span) of each participant.  Each toddler under Coach Parker’s wing will receive one-on-one attention to help them stay focused on working as a team, listening and, above all, having fun!


Lil Sluggers toddler baseball classes are starting in Minneapolis.  The first session of classes runs from April 21-June 15 with a variety of different day and time schedules to offer—including weekends, Lil Sluggers can accommodate any busy family schedule.  Your toddler will love the game of baseball as much as you do and you will appreciate the extra energy that your toddler will spend at his or her Minneapolis toddler baseball classes.


Through Lil Sluggers Minneapolis toddler baseball classes, your child will be coached on the importance of taking direction from a teacher.  For many toddlers, this may be the first time where they have the opportunity to be in a teacher/classroom setting, and it can be very new for them.  By enrolling your toddler in toddler baseball classes you will only be helping to prep them for preschool and beyond as they move through school. 


Toddler baseball also teaches children at an early age to work together.  Many toddlers are cursed with a case of the “mines” and they find the concept of sharing to be a rather difficult one; however, through Coach Parker’s direction in Lil Sluggers toddler baseball classes, your child will learn how to take turns and have fun while doing it. 


Winter was difficult and your toddler has a lot of pent up energy, enroll him or her in Minneapolis toddler baseball classes today!


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