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Nestled in the middle of a safe, quiet suburban neighborhood, Oak Hill Park in St. Louis Park, MN offers many different amenities for a Twin Cities family to enjoy. There is a play structure for young children to spend some time and energy on; a pavilion is there to accommodate hosting a party at the park; there are trails of different kinds that can be explored.  There are also baseball/softball diamonds to be enjoyed by sports fans of all ages.

Oak Hill Park is a beautiful park located in St. Louis Park, MN that is enjoyed by many on a daily basis, all year round. Of all of the things that happen at Oak Hill Park, however, toddler baseball may be the most fun!

Oak Hill Park is the home of toddler baseball in Minneapolis area, come April 21st this year. Toddler baseball is an important activity that all parents of young children should consider. Sports are an important thing in a child’s life while growing up. They teach children a variety of different morals that they can use on and off the field from now until forever.

For example, all sports teach children to work together as a team towards a common goal. It is not always the easiest task to get this accomplished but through toddler baseball, the learning becomes fun which helps get the message across and cements it into their malleable young minds.

Lil Sluggers is the premiere company through which to register your child for toddler baseball in the Minneapolis area. It was created and is still run by Coach Parker who, through his years of experience and knowledge has created the perfect curriculum for every age group in order to custom fit each session with the group of children attending. Coach Parker has an extensive understanding of how to address each child according to their age and ability in order to ensure that they do not get frustrated, but still learn important life skills.

In addition to working together, toddler baseball also teaches your young child how to take and follow direction from somebody in a teacher’s role. Your child will love Coach Parker and you will too! Any parent knows that the toddler age group can be a difficult one to convince to follow your directions, but Lil Sluggers Minneapolis toddler baseball classes, get the job done and they get the job done well.

In the same vein as following direction, toddler baseball will teach your young child to listen. During toddler baseball classes, if they are not listening well, they miss something important which could cause them to lose out on something fun. The possible risk of not having something enjoyable is a very large motivator for a toddler and so this can work wonders. Many parents of the Lil Sluggers toddler baseball program have found that these listening skills do extrapolate beyond the field which can decrease your stress level as a parent as well.

All of these wonderful life lessons are brought to your child in the beautiful backdrop of Oak Hill Park, St. Louis Park, MN. Lil Sluggers toddler baseball program is proud to utilize the Oak Hill Park softball facilities in order to instill these important life lessons within your toddler. If you have additional children that are too old or too young for the program, they can burn off energy at the play area while your other child burns off energy playing baseball with their new friends under the watchful and careful eye of Coach Parker.

Oak Hill Park is the place for toddler baseball in St. Louis Park, MN.

Call Lil Sluggers Twin Cities for more information or to register for the April 21st sessions!