After such a long, drawn-out, frigid winter, warmer temperatures are finally starting to emerge. That means it's time to get out of the house. Spring is the time for one of America's favorite pastimes: baseball.

Is Your Toddler Going Crazy Cooped Up Inside the House?

A toddler baseball class in St Louis Park may be just what your little one needs. For children that haven't started school yet, toddler baseball in Minneapolis can teach your child hand and eye coordination, improve their listening skills and much more that can be helpful to them when they start school. These same developmental skills that are learned in a baseball class St Louis Park can be ideal for toddlers that are already enrolled in school as well.

Get Them Started Early!

If your child is interested in playing baseball when they get older, toddler baseball in Minneapolis may be absolutely perfect. It is always better to start them out early so they can learn now and focus on improving as they age and move to the next level.

Lil Sluggers takes pride in offering this child development program to young toddlers that are interested in learning about the wonderful sport of baseball. We focus on providing high quality baseball lessons that will teach your toddler the basic aspects of the game in an enticing and positive environment.

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