Don't Know What To Do With an Excitable Toddler? Take Them Out To The Ball Game... as a Player!

Toddler Baseball Classes

Toddler baseball classes are a way to help your little one burn some of their extra energy year round while learning skills that they can use for a lifetime. Catching, throwing, fielding, and basic baseball rules like which way to run and how to play as a team are some of the basic things your child will learn while making new friends.

Instructing Toddler Baseball

Minneapolis has cold long winters, and sometimes having a little one with a ton of energy can be overwhelming. If you want a channel for your child's energy, consider toddler baseball in Minneapolis because we offer year round fun with indoor classes in the winter time. Come spring time you will get to see your son or daughter slide into home plate using the skills they learned all year. The first time your child hits the ball or makes even one base is hard to describe, except to say you will want to record it and it is worth every single moment spent in practice. Skills in any sport builds mental and physical endurance that carries over into other parts of their life such as school and later on work.

Start today with a Free Trial Class at Lil Slugger's so you and your child can enjoy spring baseball games in just a few months.